Thrufeed Grinding

What Is Centerless Grinding?

Centerless grinding performs a machining operation in which an abrasive wheel grinds metal from a bar or part surface while a regulating wheel forces the bar or part against the grinding wheel.  The term “centerless” indicates that the bar or part is not placed between any centering device, but is rather supported by a rest blade situated between the grinding wheel and regulating wheel.

Thrufeed Grinding And How It Works

Thrufeed Grinding starts with a conveyor belt that feeds the parts between the grinding wheels. The continuous flow of parts on the conveyor completes the process and continues to push the part out where it will fall down the chute and away from the machine.

What Can Be Ground?

Any metals can potentially be ground. Here at GSI we have ground aluminum, stainless steel and carbide,  just to name a few.