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GSI offers a wide variety of grinding services, give us a call today at 734.729.1775 or use our contact form and put GSI to work for you and your company.


We inspect our parts with true position carbide ring gauges for our 100% inspection, TCT snap gauges and laser gauging at each machine to ensure product conformity during the grind process.

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Infeed grinding has part specific fingers that drop the parts for OD grind between the grinding wheel and after a specified allotment of time, a kicker will kick out the part out from between the wheels where the part will fall down a chute and away from the machine for the next part to repeat the cycle.

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Thrufeed Grinding starts with a conveyor belt that feeds the parts between the grinding wheels. The continuous flow of parts on the conveyor completes the process and continues to push the part out where it will fall down the chute and away from the machine.

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Scotchbrite grinding is a process that removes burrs and slivers from the edges of parts.  It also improves the micro-finish of the finished part. If a certain specification calls for a particular micro-finish tolerance, the scotchbrite process can guarantee the desired result.  It starts with a conveyor belt that feeds the parts between the scotchbrite wheel and regulating wheel.

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At Grinding Specialists Inc., we service many industries. We offer a no hassle quote for any industry, or give us a call at 734.729.1775.

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